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I began working as a voice over artist in 1993 for various radio stations. Today you may hear my voice in many european countries in a variety of productions: radio and television commercials, corporate films, e-learning, audio guides for museums and exhibitions, scientific and literary documentaries. For television and cinema, I have done dubbing in other European languages when a strong Italian accent was called for. My voice is versatile and ranges from warm and deep to dynamic and full of energy. Next to my work as a professional voice over artist, directing and editing audio productions are also an important part of my work.


Editing and Directing

Literal translations often interrupt the original flow of a text, as the language loses not only its natural rhythm, but also becomes less pleasant to listen to. In particular, a great deal of time may be lost when recording more complicated audio productions if the voice over artist must improve the script to make it speakable. In these cases, my experience as an editor would be invaluable for efficiently achieving a high quality production. Voice over directing is an important part of my work. For years, my multimedia projects have included audio productions aimed at various audiences: from educational resources to literary and scientific productions to advertising. My background in linguistics has always been useful in my work, as has my long experience in the fields of radio and film making. I work with many professional recording studios in Berlin and beyond, allowing me to produce works that are always of the highest quality.

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